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Equality Statement

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Since the Black Lives Matter global action following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on the 25th May, Southend Museums Service feels it is vital we address this action and clarify the steps we will take as an organisation to address racial injustice and inequality. We firmly stand with the black community in this fight, whilst also acknowledging our inadequate lack of activity in the past which has further perpetuated systemic racism. We will be actively addressing and challenging this as an organisation through our workforce, the way in which we work with our collections, the narratives around these collections, and how we engage with the community. We acknowledge that museums have a very important role to play in recognising and challenging historic oppression, whilst making significant contributions to public conversations on issues such as racism, inequality and decolonisation.

Ciara Phipps,

Curatorial Manager

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