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Southend Culture Network (SCN)

The Southend Culture Network (SCN) works collectively towards the production, presentation and promotion of arts and culture in Southend with the ambition of maximising the creative potential of Southend and enriching our offer.  


SCN is self-governing and self-organising, with each member organisation having equal responsibility for agreeing shared objectives and delivering these for the benefit of local communities and wider audiences.

The core aims of SCN is to enable;

1. Effective communication of the cultural offer in Southend on Sea, including:

a) Ensuring clear and up to date internal communication of activities between network members
b) Seeking opportunities for more effective means to communicate the cultural offer in Southend more widely and more effectively. 
c) Working together to collect data and evaluation, to ensure the impact of the cultural offer can be measured and communicated to stakeholders.

2. Working together to create new opportunities for collaborative projects, programmes, enhanced resources, and facilities for the cultural offer in Southend.

SCN comprises professional organisations and individuals located in Southend-on-Sea who work for public benefit to deliver culture and the arts for creative practitioners, communities and wider audiences.

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