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 Walking App 

Southend Museums have developed two interactive walking tours around the town to promote wellbeing. 


A town rich with history, Southend has beautiful places to explore, some right under our noses. Take a stroll down the high street to the pier, spotting local businesses above the modern shop facades and stopping to notice the sites of old cinemas and theatres. Or head to Priory Park to explore the grounds of the 12th Century monastery, stopping to visit the priory itself, whilst learning about its colourful past and the exciting events that have taken place around it.

All you need is a smartphone or tablet with access to the internet to navigate the walk. Simply click on the links below to open the ‘app’ and navigate around the walk, starting wherever you choose (the numbers represent a suggested route only). Click on the pins and tap ‘View Here’ to open up information about each location and see some remarkable old photographs from the social history collection at the museums. Feel free to post comments or answers to questions by clicking on the links.


We’d love to hear your feedback!

Southend High Street walk:
Priory Park walk:

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