A new six part audio series...

The Caretakers invites you inside 6 UK museums in the last month of lockdown. Your hosts are those who have been caring for the collections in our absence- security and buildings teams. They’ve spent time making audio recordings of themselves talking while alone during their shifts. Artist Eloise Moody has been working closely with them to create the audio and to shape it into the series which you can now hear. 

“I knew that this project had all the ingredients to be good, but I couldn’t know it would be quite so special.  Through the eyes of these Caretakers, we are allowed a rare glimpse, not just into the closed museum spaces, and the quiet collections, but into the lives and reflections of the people who find themselves often the sole inhabitants of these usually thriving places.”

Each piece feels intimate and personal - a gift. You want to listen carefully because you might never get this chance again. What they say is beautiful and interesting and moving and funny. But you can also hear each person thinking, you can hear them sigh and you can hear them laugh as they share their thoughts with you while they go on their patrols, as they sit in chairs they’ve never tried before or as they find themselves in grand echoey rooms all alone. 
Everything is about to change again- museums are getting ready to reopen. Thank you Marta, Alex, Steve, Ciara, John and Gum - our Caretakers – who let us in.

Hear the Caretaker Tales 

Marta, Security Operations Centre Supervisor at the Museum of London gives us an intimate account of her favourite object.

Day 1

Marta - Museum of London


Alex, Security Officer at Royal Museums Greenwich, spends his working days looking after the Cutty Sark. How does it feel like to work in a museum that is also a boat? This is how!

Day 2

Alex - Royal Museums Greenwich


Steve, Security and Facilities Manager takes us around a house. Just like any other house you can sit on the chairs, relax and wander around. Although this house is also an art gallery, bathroom included.

Day 3

Steve - Kettle's Yard

Ciara, Curatorial Manager at Southend Museums talks to us about her favourite collection within the museum.

Day 4

Ciara- Southend Museums


John has worked at Pitt Rivers for 36 years. Alone in the museum, he reflects on his life there

Day 5

John - Pitt Rivers Museum

Gum, museum manager from Birmingham Museums talks to us about seeing her museum empty

Day 6

Gum - Birmingham Museums

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