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Footsteps - A photographic Exhibition

“Are you carrying a phone?
Did you 20 years ago?
Did you carry a camera 20 years ago?
Do you now?
How many photographs did you take 20 years ago?
There is an immediacy to photography now that hasn’t existed before smart phones.
Does it make you look at photographs differently?
Does it make you look at visual things differently?

It does me. I just take them. I want to record what I see.
I see things that I never noticed before.
I see shapes and colours, lines and textures, light and compositions in a different way today.
It makes me more interested in the world around me.
I am part of the world, the world is part of me, the world is part of you.

No one told me to take photographs, no one showed me how. I just want to. I enjoy it.

I am an Essex boy. I see things in Essex, but I see things beyond Essex too. There are things outside Essex that are the same, that are different, that are surprising”.

Phil Stalham

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