Alicia Paz & Michael Szpakowski

Beecroft Art Gallery

29 May - 7 August 2021

Alicia Paz is a Mexican born artist based in London. She graduated from UC Berkeley, École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris, Goldsmiths College and Royal College of Art London and has since exhibited internationally.

The exhibition will feature a series of new works titled ‘Pirates and Poets’ that takes inspiration from the stories and characters associated with the Thames Estuary. Using trompe l’oeil techniques gained from studying the Victoria & Albert Museum’s collection of Delftware ceramics, the show presents a series of multi-faceted representations exploring female identity as an interweaving of narratives.

Poets such as Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath, iconic Blues singers such as Nina Simone and Billy Holiday, and strange, mythological creatures, all “speak”, or are themselves spoken about. These artists intermingle across the canvas with historical female pirate figures such as Ching Shih, Mary Read, and Anne Bonny.

Alicia Paz’s work will be shown in collaboration with sound artist Michael Szpakowski and their exhibition will be part of the associate programme for Estuary 21.

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